Our history

For the first time, Wörnitzstein was mentioned in a document in the year 1216 as "Stein"(stone), Already during the 13th century(1262) most of its parts were purcased by the cloister Kaisheim, to which it belonged to until the secularization in 1803. There are some well preserved secular buildings of the cloister in Wörnitzstein. 
A very interesting building is, apart from the presbytery, the former Old Peoples Home, that is known today as the "Pflegerwirt" and reminds us of the old cloister times. 

The magnificent two-storeyed building with its tall hipped roof is attributed to the architect Johann Georg Hitzelberger (1714 - 1792), who built it on commission of the abbot Caelestin I. Mermos in 1769.
There are several other important buildings by Hitzelberger in the surrounding areas: The little chapel in Wörnitzstein which is regarded as the most beautiful Baroque-chapel of the administrative district, the elegant Rococo renovation of the castle in Leitheim and the beautiful village-churches of Sulzdorf and Tapfheim.

Some remarkable details of the former monastic Old Peoples Home are the wrought-iron supraportalgrille above the entry, a very sophisticated piece of work of the workshop of the cloister Kaisheim, the inscription at the north-west-corner of the house that dates back to the year (MDCCLXIX) in which the building was built and the wooden bolt of the main gate.